Banny Sammy - Physics Puzzle

Banny Sammy - Physics Puzzle

Banny Sammy - Physics Puzzle

Senspark Co., Ltd Puzzle

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Banny Sammy - physics puzzle Android Gameplay

Banny Sammy - physics puzzle Game Play - SENSPARK - IOS

The jungle is full of foods for our cute monkeys and bears, Sammy and Banny. One problem: Obstacles prevent the animals from reaching their favourite treats. Try to find the path that leads them to bananas and honey jars and more.

*** Game play ***

Help the animals roll to their food. Monkeys eat bananas, apples, and pears, and bears eat salmon and honey. Wood blocks are breakable while stone blocks are not. There are more game items to come, with in-game instructions as the game progresses.

*** Game features ***
4 EPISODES with 144 LEVELS — There are 36 levels in each season: Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer. Each one has different game items and thus a different strategy for feeding the monkeys and bears.

UNIQUE GAMEPLAY with BRAIN-TEASING FUN — Interact with the environment to help the animals roll. The difficulty increases as the game progresses. Even when levels are already cleared, you can come back later to earn 3-star badges. Also, you want to try to finish the game as fast as possible to get the highest scores.

POWER-UPS are helpful to deal with the challenging levels.

AWESOME GRAPHICS and SOUND — Feel the graphic details and the well-blended sounds. There are four different environments and all are so lively with day and night backgrounds, weather effects, and tons of animations. The characters' cuteness is unbearable.

PLAY GAME SERVICE submits high scores and unlocks tons of achievements for more fun.

CLOUD SAVE easily syncs the game between your devices and unlocks the full game features when connected to the Internet.

PLAY WITH FRIENDS with more fun by sending and asking for lives, friend score ranking, watching friends on the map, sharing your best results, and requesting help from friends.

UNIVERSAL — Different graphics are set to fit all of your devices. Enjoy the crisp characters on your phones and tablets.

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*** Permissions ***
GET_ACCOUNTS: Only used if you want to log in or play with your friends via Google + or receive push notification

## [1.0.6] - May, 2016
### Changed
- Disable checking all friends in invitation dialog when show up.
- Hide special pack offer if it has already been bought.
### Fixed
- Crash after logging in Facebook.
- Incorrect indicator positions in tutorial levels.
- Hanging when not following bird tutorial.
- Hard to tap levels which are in water.
- Unable to complete level 51.